A trend among teens that has been noticed in an article from Business Insight, is that more and more teens are using Snapchat and Instagram more than Facebook and Twitter.  The article also points out that teen usage of Tumblr and Kik is down.  Libraries can make use of this knowledge that more and more teens are using Snapchat and Instagram.  These are perfect platforms to display and promote new new books, old books, teen programs, as well as other literary and media based resources. Instagram has a huge community that uses the hashtag #bookstagram.  A library could make a program out of this hashtag for teens and see who can create the most creative posts with books.

Business Insider might not give a lot of insight on what books are trending for teens, but it does show what apps and websites teens are using.  It is important for teen librarians to follow these technology trends so that they know what teens are using, and how they can be interacted with.


Rath, J. (2017, April 10). Teens are dropping smaller social networks in favor of Snapchat and Instagram. Retrieved September 26, 2017, from http://www.businessinsider.com/teens-are-dropping-smaller-social-networks-for-snapchat-and-instagram-2017-4

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