Teen Lit Publisher: HarperTeen

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HarperTeen publishes many titles for teens across a wide range of genres, including new titles and classics.  HarperTeen is a an imprint of the HarperCollins Publisher company.  According to their website, HarperCollins Publisher is the second largest publisher in the world, operating in 18 countries and celebrating 200 years of publishing.  Including HarperTeen, HarperCollins has 120 branded imprints and publishes nearly 10,000 new books each yeah worldwide and in 17 different languages.  HaperCollins was first founded in New York City in 1817 by James and John Harper.  The publishing company was originally called J. and J. Harper.  The company went through a few name changes over the years including Harper & Brothers, and Harper & Row.  In 1987, Harper & Brothers was purchased by News Corporation.  HarperCollins was formed in 1990 when News Corporation purchased the British publisher, William Collins & Sons.

On their website, you can see all the upcoming HarperTeen books starting with those that will be published in January 2018.  There are options to filter the list based on format, price, collection, series, award, type, and age.

The HarperCollins website also gives access to a separate website designed for teens and young adults, known as Epic Reads.  Here, teens can find books, blogs, videos, and more about books published by HarperCollins and its imprints.

releaseRelease written by Patrick Ness (one of my favorite authors), was recently published by HarperTeen.  Here are two reviews, The Guardian and Kirkus

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