Review of the Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson

Growing up as an outcast in 1980s Niagara Falls, Jake Baker spends a lot time with his eccentric Uncle Calvin. Calvin is an occultist, with a shop and a special phone that connects him to others of similar interests, keeping him in the know of upcoming conspiracies. During his twelfth summer Jake meets Billy and Dove Yellowbird, siblings who are new to town. Jake, Billy, Dove, Uncle Calvin, and Lexington, Uncle Calvin’s friend, form the Saturday Night Ghost Club. At these meetings, Uncle Calvin shares with them local legends of their town. As the stories unfold, Jake begins to notice a change in his uncle, something about these stories are deeply affecting his uncle and that scares Jake more than any story. Between the ghost stories and adventures with Billy and Dove, adult Jake tells of the various brain surgeries he has performed as a neurosurgeon.

What starts as a slow-paced story about a boy and his uncle, turns into a fast-paced coming of age story about how we perceive our own memories, and what growing up can do to our sense of belief and fears. Craig Davidson instills those childhood fears that everyone has at one time or another. The fear of things that go bump in the night, the feeling of helplessness when adults are suffering. Davidson shows the importance of storytelling, both for the story teller and the ones who listen.

Read: 2/16/2020-2/25/2020
Release date: August 14th, 2018
Page count: 224
Rating: ★★★★
Genre: Horror and mystery
Audience: General

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