Infinity Reaper by Adam Silvera

“We may carry our pasts with us in every life, but we don’t have to be defined by them.” – Wyatt

Synopsis: Picking up right where Infinity Son left off, Emil is badly wounded from the Infinity Ender Blade and Brighton drank the Reaper’s Blood potion that Luna created. Instead of granting him incredible powers, the potion poisons Brighton. While the brothers recover, Ness, the shapeshifter, has been captured by his father, Senator Iron, and is forced to help the senator in his presidential campaign. To keep Emil and the others safe, Ness agrees to do whatever he is told. Meanwhile, Maribelle has only one thing on her mind, revenge.

Review: If there was a book award for creating the most hateable character in literature, Adam Silvera should win it for Brighton. The number of times I wanted to punch Brighton is too damn high and at the same time not high enough. Seriously, major props to Adam for creating such a hateable character. If I were to write my own book (I do have ideas), I would hope to create half as hateable a character as Brighton. Adam has set the bar high. Some people might have similar thoughts about Maribelle, but I actually admire her in regard to her drive for revenge.

Infinity Reaper is a strong continuation of the story started in Infinity Son. Adam has fleshed out more of the characters while also introducing new characters, like the Halo Knights. We see the continued struggle between Emil and Brighton, Emil trying to get rid of his powers and Brighton wanting to take center stage with (or without) Emil. Like any Adam Silvera book, there are some scenes that destroy the reader. I was waiting in my car for my friend to get back from his first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine when I read such a scene. I was definitely not almost crying the moment my friend got into my car. Regardless of my emotional status with this book, Infinity Reper had a great balance of action scenes and calm moments. Yes, there’s a greater war going on between the Spell Walkers and Blood Casters, but we do get to see the characters enjoy themselves. But the story is also not a slow read, towards the end the pace picks up so much that you can’t not finish the last chunk in one sitting. Speaking of the ending, THAT ENDING. I know that Adam is busy with a bunch of other projects, but I do hope that we get the third book soon.

Bonus content: This edition of Infinity Reaper includes a short story, about Ness called First Face. We get to see Ness before he became a shapeshifter. This gives us a look at what Ness’s life was like under the rule of the Senator, and we get to witness two important events, the Blackout, and Ness becoming a specter. Plus, there is a special shout out to an awesome person in this story. There is a star with a very special name.

Read: 3/17/2021-3/31/2021
Release date: March 2nd, 2021; Quill Tree Books
Page count: 538
Rating: ★★★★
Genre: Fantasy; LGBTQ+
Audience: Young Adult

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