We Are Here by Jasmin Hernandez

“I want to see an art world that doesn’t abuse words like ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusion’ but actually embodies them from top to bottom.” – Erin Christovale 

Thank you to Abrams Books for this gifted copy. 

We Are Here is a collection of interviews featuring fifty BIPOC and QTPOC artists. These are artists who have been transforming the art world with not only their craft, but through their desire to make the art world a more inclusive space. Many of these artists don’t just create their own artwork, but they also curate collections and galleries to uplift other Black and Brown creators. Within these pages you will see all different art mediums, featuring artwork based on cultures and myths, experiences, and people. These are artists who are making waves in the art world, and changing it for the better. 

One common thing about these artists is that when asked about what kind of art world they want to see in the future, their responses were a more diverse and inclusive art world. And not just having more diverse artists, but also diversity in administrative positions in museums, art schools, and galleries. This is exactly what the book community has been asking for, more opportunities for BIPOC and QTPOC authors and illustrators, and more diversity within publishing companies. It has been so apparent this past year that publishing companies have not been showing up for marginalized communities and have been relying performative allyship. When we see white authors receiving more money and opportunities, or when white authors receive more support from their publishers for promoting their books, like having four different ARC editions of a single book. Or when BIPOC or QTPOC authors call out a white author for racism or homophobia or transphobia, and their claims are disregarded until enough people find out about it and that author writes a half-assed apology. The artists in We Are Here and the authors who are speaking out against hate are actively working to create more diverse spaces not just for themselves, but for the next generation of creators. 

We Are Here was curated by Jasmin Hernandez, the founder and editor in chief of Gallery Gurls

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