Burn It All Down by Nicolas DiDomizio

“No amount of fucking can make me deserve a guy like this.” – Joey

Thank you to the author, Nicolas DiDomizio for the advanced copy of his book, won in a giveaway!

Synopsis: Eighteen-year-old aspiring comic Joey Rossi and his thirty-four-year-old mom Gia are a lot alike. They enjoy a nice glass of wine or two, they idolize Monica Lewinski, and they both tend to attract men who eventually cheat on them. Joey just found out his boyfriend had been cheating on him for the past several months and only a day later, Gia’s almost relationship shatters to pieces. With the wine flowing and their hearts crushed, Joey and Gia come to one conclusion that can ease their pain, revenge. But when their revenge goes too far, Joey and Gia must flee their apartment in Bayonne, New Jersey and find a safe place to hide out while the smoke clears. Filled with humor, bad decisions, and a strong mother-son relationship, Burn It All Down is a wild ride from start to finish that will keep readers captivated.

Review: I am always here for a book starring a messy gay, and Joey is a messy gay. Joey is also one of those young gays that deserves to be protected, like Bitty from Check, Please. I am also very much here for Joey’s relationship with his mom. While they can get each other into some serious trouble, Gia is always there for Joey and Joey is always looking out for his mom. While the relationship between me and my mom isn’t at that exact level of comfort in terms of me talking to my mom about the guys I see, she and I do sometimes enjoy some wine together (Italians and Jews have a lot in common when it comes to wine consumption). While Joey and Gia do run away from their problems, and the law, they also learn from their recent and past experiences and are able to grow from them. With a great balance of bad decisions and heartfelt moments, Burn It All Down is that bitch that keeps you coming back for more.

Read: 4/28/2021-5/6/2021
Release date: May 25th, 2021; Little Brown
Page count: 320
Genre: Contemporary/LGBTQ
Audience: New Adult

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