Jay’s Gay Agenda by Jason June

On Pride Month-eve I finished my digital ARC of Jay’s Gay Agenda by Jason June. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the digital ARC!

Synopsis: In his small town, Jay is the only gay (hey that rhymes!). At school he has seen his peers, and recently his best friend, Lu, pair off, have romances, and talk about sex. Jay hasn’t done any of that. That’s why he has a Gay Agenda, a list of things that he hopes to one day do with another boy. It seems like a fantasy but when Jay finds out that he and his parents are moving, hope blooms, and he believes that he will be crossing items off his Gay Agenda. As Jay learns the ropes of being gay in a gay environment, he learns that love and hormones can often clash, and that new friends sometimes push old friends to the side.

Review: I am always here for sex positive books, and Jason June delivers the sex positivity in a neat package (no pun intended). Jay suddenly finds himself not only surrounded by other gay guys, but gay guys who are interested in him, and that can be very overwhelming. As Jay is navigating his new life, he makes plenty of mistakes and hurts a few people, but Jay learns a lot from these experiences and is able to grow a considerable amount in a short period of time.

While I was expecting a cute gay contemporary, I was not expecting to reflect so much on my own experiences. Like my first kiss with a guy, which was under not great conditions, and led to a somewhat challenging part of my life (this was before I even knew I was gay). I can also understand Jay’s frustrations with lack of sexual activity. I came out after college, so I wasn’t in a setting of being constantly surrounded by people and meeting new people like at school. It took some time for me to meet people who I could be comfortable with to cross things off my own Gay Agenda.

In Jay fashion, here is my own Gay Agenda:

  1. Be more gay!
  2. Go to more gay things
  3. Brunch!
  4. Confront homophobia and transphobia when I see it
  5. Always be mindful of my privilege
  6. More fun stuff

Read: 5/25/2021-5/31/2021
Release date: June 1st, 2021; Harper Teen
Page count: 368
Genre: LGBTQ+
Audience: Young Adult

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