The Girl from the Sea by Molly Knox Ostertag

“Sometimes you have to let your life get messy. That’s how you get to the good parts.” – Min

Synopsis: Morgan is fifteen years old, lives on an island with her divorced mom, and her younger brother. She has a great group of friends, and life is okay. Except that Morgan has secrets, mainly that she wants to kiss another girl. She is willing to hold on to her secret until she graduates from high school and moves to a big city for college. A wrench gets thrown into Morgan’s plans when she nearly drowns one night during the summer. She is saved by a mysterious girl named Keltie. As the two grow close, Morgan’s walls begin to crumble, but she also learns that Keltie has secrets of her own.

Review: Warning, if you read this in public you might cry, not that I know that from experience… This new stand-alone graphic novel from Molly Knox Ostertag (The Witch Boy) is sapphic and it slaps so hard. This coming-of-age story highlights a lot of points of being a closeted queer person in a small tightknit community where everybody knows everybody. Molly does an excellent job of showing the different sides of Morgan, the Morgan we see when she is hanging out with her friends vs the Morgan we see with Keltie, again, something that a lot of closeted queer people can relate to. Keltie is also constantly challenging Morgan to be her true self, no matter who can see. Aside from the friendship and relationship aspects of this graphic novel, there is also a strong environmental aspect included. And the artwork! Molly puts so much detail into it and it is gorgeous!

Ultimately, this is a happy/sad graphic novel. It carries so much emotion and can honestly leave you breathless.

Read: 6/13/2021
Release date: June 1st, 2021; Graphix
Page count: 256
Genre: LGBTQ
Audience: Young Adult

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